Our Story

Since 1946, we've brought our signature food to the Tennessee Valley Fair, but we know the craving for those favorites lives on well after the fair ends. Denton's Burgers & Fun Foods is Knoxville's best when it comes to fair food and now everyone can enjoy their favorites year-round. Dive into classics like our cheesesteaks, burgers or one of our fresh dipped corn dogs. Afterward, give into the temptation of our funnel cakes, funnel chocolate-covered cheesecake, or deep-fried Oreos. Don't forget about our famously refreshing Big Orange Drink as well as our fresh-made smoothies and lemonade either! When you've got a craving for the fair's best, Denton's Burgers & Fun Foods is the only place in town that's got you covered.

My grandfather who passed down the keys to the business to my father who has passed them down to me. We loved keeping the tradition of serving good, fun food going. My grandfather started Denton's over fifty years ago where he was introduced to the idea of the corn dog, from there our local footprint and menu expanded to what Denton's is today: still widely available at the Tennessee Valley Fair but always available year-found for anyone to enjoy. When the craving kicks in, we look forward to serving you soon!


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